Guilain Ranouil entered the Paris Conservatoire to study for a higher diploma in the sound engineering professions with a view to becoming an artistic director/sound engineer. A unique establishment dedicated to music in all its forms, the Conservatoire enabled him to extend a rich musical culture that already boasted a premier prix in clarinet, chamber music and in composition from the Toulouse and Tarbes Conservatoire. During his studies, he was able to experiment widely and make recordings of a highly eclectic range of musical styles ranging from opera and symphonic works to jazz and rap.

Since 2000, he has been a member of the Audio Engineering Society, occupying the post of President of the Student delegate assembly in 2001. It was for this global organisation dedicated to the research and development of audio techniques that he worked on elaborating new techniques for the multi-channel recording of orchestras for the cinema.

After a spell as an assistant at Studio Davout in Paris where he worked with Florent Pagny, Tété, Jean-Louis Aubert, Luke, Manu Dibango…, he decided to extend his experience and open up to new musical influences. He chose to leave for New York. The Big Apple had faith in him and it was here that his career as a sound engineer really began, at the Warehouse Recording Studios and later in Wyclef Jean (The Fugees)’s Platinum Sound Recording Studios where he directed sessions with Wyclef Jean, Santana, Tom Jones, Xzibit, City High, Product G&B

Back in Paris and armed with all this new experience, Guilain founded the company, Summertime, together with his associate, the composer-arranger Rémy Galichet. They worked together on various projects in the role of sound engineer, director/producer and arranger.

From then on, Guilain brought his know-how to a wide range of record projects such as Petula Clark, Charles Aznavour, Daniel Darc, Nolwen Leroy, Olivia Ruiz, Vincent Delerm, Jeanne Cherhal, Ben Oncle Soul, Yael Naïm, Luce (Nouvelle Star 2010), Laurent Marimbert, Chimène Badi, Daphné, Peter Von Poehl, Joyce Jonathan, Irma, Diving with Andy

He also worked on many films and series, including La reine des neiges, Guillaume et les garçons à table, Nous York, Télé Gaucho, Main dans la main, Inch Allah, Poupoupidou, Je l’aimais, Loup, Mafiosa 4 et 5, Tiger Lily